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Limo Hemet | Riverside Limousine Service has been providing Affordable Limousines in the Cabazon, Beaumont, Riverside County, Calif areas for over 27 years. Quality and customer satisfaction is our #1 concern for Your comfort and enjoyment is the very reason we exist. To see a limo in Hemet now a days is an everyday thing. We are located just 10 miles from Hemet. 20 minutes to Soboba Casino. Perfect for concerts, dancing and dinner. Celebrate that birthday or anniversary. Roll like a Baller when you hit that jackpot at Soboba or even Morongo Casino. The only way to go out on a night out, it has to be done in style. Limo Hemet provides limos for any and all occasions.
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Corona Limo has over 27 years of providing premium quality limousine service in Corona and Riverside areas. The attention to details along with integrity driven background has catered to this selected clientele. Making Corona Limo the #1 choice in quality and limo service. An all new fleet selection is available during this prom limo season.

Must call now! (951) 538-0768 To receive a limited time only prom limo special discount.  Now serving all High Schools in Corona,Riverside, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Perris, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Norco, Chino, Diamond Bar, Eastvale, Menifee, Murrieta, Sun City Ca, and surrounding areas.

Limo Riverside provides Affordable Limousines for any and all occasions

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Riverside Prom Limo has been providing quality 1st class limousine service for high school kids since 1986. Our standards remain higher than most others due to our structure and integrity. From small to large group movements you can rest assured that all our vehicles and chauffeurs are top notch with just the right training to make your experience a memorable one. If you are looking for tradition stretch limousines or the awesome Hummer, Navigator, Escalade or our all new Party Bus, we are here to “WoW” you with our vehicles and service. With 26 years of prom limo service in and around the Riverside area, Limo Riverside Limousine Service has the Affordable Limousines just for you and your guests.                                                                                                         Call now for special rates (951) 538-0768

Limo Riverside

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A Riverside Prom Limo is a must do this season. Limo Riverside Limousine Service has been providing limousines for prom season since 1986. When quality is a must, we pay attention to every detail keeping our clients in the latest style. Our fully diversified fleet of awesome limousines all come fully equipped with premium sound systems. Playing your IPod, MP3, CDs will enhance your experience to the fullest. Our vehicles have all the latest in fiber optic lighting, neons with the twinkle effect. We provide an assortment of soft drinks for your pleasure. Consisting of waters, a variety of sodas and sparkling cider are all included in our Limo Prom packages. Call now (951) 538-0768                             Affordable Limousines special rates for all students with good grades.Call for Details

Limo Riverside

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Riverside Limousine

This is Riverside, California, home of the premier Riverside Limo.

For more than twenty-five years, this limousine service has been serving the entire Inland Empire and Orange County area. Their clientele include middle-class and upscale patrons such as corporate groups and politicians which services require prompt airport transportation and prearranged routes. They also cater to weddings, proms, and evening parties. This is not to be confused with any other Limo Riverside . This Limousine Service is in Riverside, California.

Their fleet features a supreme array of automobiles for every occasion: Lincoln Town Cars, Executive Navigator SUVs, stretch and super-stretch limousines, stretch Ford Excursion SUVs, Hummer Limo, Escalade Limos and mini-coaches. They provide plush leather interiors, advanced entertainment system, adjustable air conditioning, and a refreshment bar to complement your smooth ride.

To maximize the comforts offered by your vehicle, it is recommended that you occupy one with an extra seating for two passengers. A headcount of 12 occupants is optimal for a 14-seat limousine, and two riders for a four-seat sedan. The largest carrier can accommodate 24 passengers.

This family-owned and operated transport business strongly advises against shopping for limousines on price; considerable rent equates to superior quality of service. Scrimping on your chauffeur-driven expenditure may result to unprofessional drivers, unpleasant vehicles, and poor service.

Rates for airport transfer differ from other packages. While standard rates are dependent on the type of vehicle, airport transfers also consider the terminal location. Service arrangement to Los Angeles Airport is priced higher than transport to Ontario Airport.

Other packages are charged hourly and are subject to the minimum number of hours per event: weddings have a minimum of four hours, proms at eight hours, while other event rentals should be reserved for at least three hours depending on the day of the week.

The chauffeurs—clothed in a crisp white shirt, tie and dark suit—adhere to a policy to ensure your safe travel. They were carefully selected to maintain punctuality and courtesy in the profession. Likewise, they will not allow alcohol consumption for passengers below 21; you are assured of your teen’s best behavior, in the car, at least.

All of their published rates include gratuity, fuel surcharge, and state tax. Gratuity is a standard inclusion in most respectable limousine service providers. It is an amount guaranteed to the driver for the time spent going to the pick-up spot and returning from the destination.

Safety and discretion are imperative points to consider when hiring . Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County. Evaluate the company’s background, seek references, and know if they have a history of accidents. Your Limo Riverside company of choice is legitimate if it is registered with the state, and has appropriate levels of insurance.

By complying with the requisites of an estimable business, Riverside Limousine has secured its reputation as an outstanding and dependable luxury transportation provider.

Pick You Up In A Ontario Airport Limo

If you have never reserved a Ontario Airport limo before, and this is your first time to do so, or you have in mind a future reservation, these are what you can expect from the service.

Your pick-up spot to airport service does not involve much activity. Consider it as an ordinary drive in a plush car seat. The limo pulls up at your door, takes your luggage and drops you off at the departure lounge in no time.

This is especially useful if no one is available to drive you to the airport, you are uncomfortable leaving your car parked, and the uncertainty of cabs is probable. You will step out of the awesome limo coolly like any movie star or celebrity tycoon and check-in nonchalantly.

Now, for your arrival, Limo Riverside services coordinate with your airline to know the time of your approach. This means that they track your flight and adjust accordingly. In most cases, if your flight is off-schedule for more than an hour, providers put in an additional charge for re-scheduling and re-assignment.

There are several ways for the chauffeur to pick you up. You can choose to meet at the curb, whereby you would call the limo provider’s contact number as soon as you step out on to the curb. This requires you to take note of the make and model of your luxury vehicle, because you may need to wave at the driver amongst the throng of passengers for him to spot you. Some providers will ask you for the column and pillar number nearest to you.

Alternatively, you can choose to meet and greet at the baggage carousel /claim area. The chauffer holds up a sign with your name on it and he can assist you with your luggage. If you are from an international flight, you can meet the chauffeur in the arrival lobby with your name sign. It is effortless, you only need to know your name and be on your way home comfortably and promptly.

Between a curb pick-up and a meet and greet, the former is more economical and popular, but the latter is easier.

Meeting you at the airport, albeit extremely convenient, also involves a number of costs. Most providers, on top of the basic rental, will charge you for the manner of pick-up, parking fees, call costs, toll fees, airport entrance fees, flight tracking fees and others. However, if you are travelling with a large party, arranging a limousine pick-up is actually practical than haggling with a cab.

Ontario Airport limo services are also amenable to shopping stops and other activities for tourists. If you are coming to Riverside for a visit, the chauffeurs can give you a quick run-through of the interesting things to do in the city.

Ontario Airport limo service has a great Affordable Limousine Network of limousine providers; they can offer you the best ride. In the unlikely moment of a disservice, you have the liberty to choose Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County to ensure that you experience quality service that you can count on.

Arriving in Style: How to Find Limousine in Los Angeles

Celebrity or not, special or ordinary person, regardless of age, gender and social status, if you will attend special occasions and once in a lifetime events, arriving in style requires you to have a special mode of transportation. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event, prom night or a red carpet engagement, a limousine ride will make these events extra special—especially if you live in Riverside. Finding a limousine in Riverside is easy.

Here are the steps to guarantee a special ride and a show-stopping entrance:

  1. Begin the search online. Reputable Limo Riverside service companies in Riverside have websites complete with all the details you need to know about the company and the services they provide. This is where you should begin your search. Go to at least 3 different company websites and compare the services they provide. It is good to have a budget in mind at this point, although it may not be that useful since your budget really relies on whatever amount the company declares in its quote. Nonetheless, it is advised that you know how much you can afford to pay for a limo service should you decide to get one.
  2. Compare services not prices. The greatest mistake you can commit when searching for your Limo Riverside company is focusing too much on the price of the service. This is why, setting a budget does not apply since you are going to limit yourself to whatever service your money can pay. What you should do is to focus on the service your money can get. Different companies have different payment policies. Some offer different services at different prices. Some offer hourly rate; others have packages that you can choose from to suit your need. Some add driver’s tip to the base price while others let clients decide how much they should give. Add-on services should be noted since different companies have different prices on every service you add. These things should be remembered when comparing different limo services.
  3. Call different limo companies or visit them personally. The best way to know different companies more and the services they offer is to talk to them over the phone or visiting them personally. Ask questions regarding the company itself, insurance, fleet, and price. Ask friends or relatives who have firsthand experience with a particular limo service.
  4. Decide and reserve in advance. Once you have considered different factors and after you have made a choice of which Limo Riverside company, you need to reserve at least 3-4 weeks before the event. Advance reservations are important. Since vehicles are limited and demand for limo service is high.
  5. Follow up. Do not forget to confirm your reservation a week before the event because you’ll never know what happens between the day you made the booking and the day of the event. While limousine companies in Riverside are very professional, it is still good to be sure.

Prepare to book an LA Limo service

There are a few things you need to know before you make that reservation with .Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County . Know the rates. These Limo Riverside services have various rate systems; hourly, pick-up and drop-off, and extra or optional charges. Wedding services and other similar events like proms, parties and concerts are charged on an hourly rate. There is a specified minimum number of hours per service. Weekend service have longer minimum number of hours than weekday reservations.

Hourly services are also ideal if you would like to have the liberty of going around for as long as you want. Long waits and several stops included. So, on days when you are uncertain of your itinerary or you know that there will be multiple destinations, this is your best bet.

Pick-up and drop-off arrangements are only for fixed destinations, it is unlikely that the chauffeur would stop by Target in Riverside for you to pick up something you think is very important on your way to Orange County, without incurring an additional charge.

Limousine companies service several other professional and corporate entities who are equally important, that is why they put tremendous value on schedule management and would appreciate it if stops and changes were advised beforehand.

Extra and optional charges include: gratuities, parking tickets, toll fees, meet and greets, extra wait—for pick up and drop off only—regardless of reason, cellular phone charges—for contacting you, car seat for babies, balloons, flowers, champagne and many others. Always remember that you need to proactively ask your reservations specialist how much your additional requests will cost you, it is your responsibility to your self.

Take note of the vehicle. When the limousine pulls up at your pick-up spot, it is expected that the chauffeur would whisk you into the car and drive away. What happens then if there are about three limousines waiting at your spot?

The make, model and plate number of the automobile is in enlisted on the reservation voucher. If this is going to be your first encounter with a new chauffeur, and you do not know which hired vehicle is yours, you will surely be missed with additional wait charges. It will be easier for yourself to spot that black Lincoln Town Car with plate A4RDLMO, than for the driver to spot you in your plum pinstriped double-breasted Baroni suit.

Lastly, keep a record of your booking information. You might actually be eligible for a free ride and you did not know it. It could have been your eleventh reservation, and they always book you free after the tenth ride; you do not want to miss it, do you? The limo service may miss that information, and while we know it is not exactly an inconvenience, it still is something you deserve to get.

Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County will take you anywhere in California, in any of the major cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County , San Bernardino County and Ventura County. Choose your destination and enjoy the luxurious and delightful chauffeur driven limousine.

Making an Impression with a Limo Ride in Riverside

As the 12th most populous city in California, Riverside is a well-known city all around the world. With Hollywood situated 60 miles from here, it is no wonder that glitz and glamour hovers around the city. Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County provide luxury cars like limos that stroll along the streets and night clubs, wineries and casinos. Which are just a few of the highs of this area.

Gorgeous and elegant cars have been used by many people in special events for a long time now. Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County turns any special occasion more memorable and exciting for all people who got to ride in it and enjoy that special event.

Riverside Limousines have been a part of human existence for a long time now and throughout the years cars have evolved to suit man’s needs better and more efficiently. From simple commuter cars that are used in daily life, people have come to make use of expensive luxury limos in some special events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, prom and business meetings among others.

Among all these cars, limousines are the most used and preferred. These elegant and spacious town cars are opted for because of the comfort it offers and the custom features built into it that makes the ride more cozy and exciting.

The best part about limousines nowadays, is that you really don’t have to own one to ride in one. The limos we see in wedding ceremonies or prom parties are oftentimes rented and booked, not owned by the hosts themselves.

For less than a quarter of the car’s retail price, limo ride’s can be afforded these days by the middle class as well, not only those in the high society.

Car rental companies have become a lucrative industry all across the United States these past years. They provide services that involve the booking of a car for purposes that will best serve their clients. Among the cars they offer are limousines and these are also the ones that are often reserved.

Aside from the usual events where Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County are used, there other occasions that a limo ride can spice up. Anniversaries, wine tasting tours, city sightseeing, airport transportation and romantic dinner dates are some of the other events that a limo ride can come in handy.

*Impress your loved one with a romantic ride around the city at night in a limousine. Have your chauffeur drop you at a restaurant of your choice where you can wine and dine and relive the freshness of your love. With the amenities a limo can offer, you can actually continue your date inside the car itself.

*Tired of hiring a cab or waiting for a relative or friend to pick you up at the airport? Car rental companies also offer limo chauffeuring services for those who do not want any delay in picking them up. Your travel from the airport to your hotel or your house will be a breeze.

*Make an impression and arrive at a business meeting or a social gathering in a dazzling limo and you’re sure to go up the ranks of the social status list.

Put on some good ole Riverside glitz and glam and take a ride in a limousine.