Prepare to book a Riverside Limo service

There are a few things you need to know before you make that reservation with .Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County . Know the rates. These Limo Riverside services have various rate systems; hourly, pick-up and drop-off, and extra or optional charges. Wedding services and other similar events like proms, parties and concerts are charged on an hourly rate. There is a specified minimum number of hours per service. Weekend service have longer minimum number of hours than weekday reservations.

Hourly services are also ideal if you would like to have the liberty of going around for as long as you want. Long waits and several stops included. So, on days when you are uncertain of your itinerary or you know that there will be multiple destinations, this is your best bet.

Pick-up and drop-off arrangements are only for fixed destinations, it is unlikely that the chauffeur would stop by Target in Riverside for you to pick up something you think is very important on your way to Orange County, without incurring an additional charge.

Limousine companies service several other professional and corporate entities who are equally important, that is why they put tremendous value on schedule management and would appreciate it if stops and changes were advised beforehand.

Extra and optional charges include: gratuities, parking tickets, toll fees, meet and greets, extra wait—for pick up and drop off only—regardless of reason, cellular phone charges—for contacting you, car seat for babies, balloons, flowers, champagne and many others. Always remember that you need to proactively ask your reservations specialist how much your additional requests will cost you, it is your responsibility to your self.

Take note of the vehicle. When the limousine pulls up at your pick-up spot, it is expected that the chauffeur would whisk you into the car and drive away. What happens then if there are about three limousines waiting at your spot?

The make, model and plate number of the automobile is in enlisted on the reservation voucher. If this is going to be your first encounter with a new chauffeur, and you do not know which hired vehicle is yours, you will surely be missed with additional wait charges. It will be easier for yourself to spot that black Lincoln Town Car with plate A4RDLMO, than for the driver to spot you in your plum pinstriped double-breasted Baroni suit.

Lastly, keep a record of your booking information. You might actually be eligible for a free ride and you did not know it. It could have been your eleventh reservation, and they always book you free after the tenth ride; you do not want to miss it, do you? The limo service may miss that information, and while we know it is not exactly an inconvenience, it still is something you deserve to get.

Limo & Limousine Service | Temecula, Riverside & Orange County will take you anywhere in California, in any of the major cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County , San Bernardino County and Ventura County. Choose your destination and enjoy the luxurious and delightful chauffeur driven limousine.

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